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Eat at Piries Place

  • The Red Deer

    Bringing The White Brasserie Company’s quirky style to Horsham, The Red Deer will serve classic pub grub with a Gallic twist.

    Sunday 12pm - 10pm
    Monday 11am - 10pm
    Tuesday 11am - 10pm
    Wednesday 11am - 10pm
    Thursday 11am - 10pm
    Friday 11am - 10pm
    Saturday 11am - 10pm
    T: 01403 247000
  • Miller & Carter

    From field to butcher's block to grill, we put everything into the perfect steak. Experience the finest British and Irish cuts.

    Sunday 12pm - 10pm
    Monday 12pm - 10pm
    Tuesday 12pm - 10pm
    Wednesday 12pm - 10pm
    Thursday 12pm - 10pm
    Friday 12pm - 10pm
    Saturday 12pm - 10pm
    T: 0121 643 7738
  • Everyman Cinema

    A warm and friendly atmosphere, with an excellent food and drink selection and fantastic customer service. Swap your soft drink for a nice glass of red wine and a slice of freshly made pizza served to your seat.

    Sunday 10am - 10pm
    Monday 10am - 10pm
    Tuesday 10am - 10pm
    Wednesday 10am - 10pm
    Thursday 10am - 10pm
    Friday 10am - 10pm
    Saturday 10am - 10pm
    T: 0872 436 9060
  • Polygon Cocktail & Coffee Cult

    A quirky vintage cocktail bar in Horsham. Superb drinks, friendly staff, table service. Reservations recommended.

    Sunday Closed
    Monday Closed
    Tuesday Closed
    Wednesday Closed
    Thursday 5pm - 10pm
    Friday 5pm - 10pm
    Saturday 5pm - 10pm
    T: 01403 268285
  • Starbucks

    Since 1971, it has always been and will always be about quality. Starbucks are passionate about ethically sourcing only the finest Arabica beans and roasting them with great care. Their passion for coffee is rivalled only by their love of sharing it.

    Sunday 9am - 5pm
    Monday 8.30am - 6pm
    Tuesday 8.30am - 6pm
    Wednesday 8.30am - 6pm
    Thursday 8.30am - 6pm
    Friday 8.30am - 6pm
    Saturday 8.30am - 6pm
    T: 01403 230005
  • The M Bar

    The M Bar take pride in their Cocktails & Tapas, bringing you the finest selection of Asian cuisine. Be entertained by their charismatic bartenders and their food delight your senses. Sit back, relax, chat and enjoy your time at The M Bar.

    Sunday 10am - 11pm
    Monday 12pm - 11pm
    Tuesday 12pm - 11pm
    Wednesday 12pm - 11pm
    Thursday 12pm - 11pm
    Friday 12pm - 11pm
    Saturday 10am - 11pm
    T: 01403 253063
  • Sit & Sip

    Sit & Sip are a collection of lounge bars and bottle shops that combine that style and class of the city with the comfort and warmth of your local. A casual relaxed all day hangout offering a wide range of quality craft and artisan products. Mixing the best of both local and international suppliers we are passionate about selecting a range of delicious food and drinks to suit a wide variety of tastes. Our Tasting Rooms are the perfect excuse for those laid back drinks and light bites, from that morning coffee to cool evening cocktails and everything in between.

    Sunday 10am - 6pm
    Monday 10am - 11pm
    Tuesday 10am - 11pm
    Wednesday 10am - 11pm
    Thursday 10am - 11pm
    Friday 10am - 11pm
    Saturday 10am - 11pm
  • The Burger Shop Co

    Delivering an epic customer experience with great service, music and vibes serving burgers, craft beers & wings using only the best fresh quality produce available.

    Sunday 11:30am - 10pm
    Monday 11:30am - 10pm
    Tuesday 11:30am - 10pm
    Wednesday 11:30am - 10pm
    Thursday 11:30am - 10pm
    Friday 11:30am - 11pm
    Saturday 11:30am - 11pm
Everyman cinema- Piries Place Horsham

Stay & Play

Watch the latest blockbusters in our Everyman Cinema and stay the night in our 92 bed Premier Inn. Our place is your place.

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